When travelers from across the globe are looking for a vacation destination where they can make the most of magical moments, setting their sights on Orlando, Florida is always the right choice. This inviting and exciting city is a place where travelers with interests of all types can easily embrace the fun! From time enjoying nature and exploring amazing museums to top-notch dining and shopping too, Orlando has just about everything you could need to customize an amazing getaway from start to finish.

It’s also a city known and loved for its stellar theme parks. Home to Walt Disney World and the collection of captivating characters that so many have loved since childhood, heading this way is an opportunity for adventurers to let go of stress and embrace imaginative moments at their very best for a while instead! For decades, Disney Orlando has found routes to providing audiences with fascinating stories and world-building adventures that are truly one-of-a-kind. The animated movie Moana offered up a movie tale of inspiration for audiences of all ages, not to mention a catchy soundtrack that viewers quickly fell in love with. While Disney World has a way of always moving towards new and exciting projects, the opening of Journey of Water, inspired by Moana in late 2023 is an attraction that you’re simply not going to want to miss!

A Place Where Water is Going to Come to Life in Disney Style

While construction has long been underway at Journey of Water, this Moana-inspired attraction at Disney Word is slated to open to the public on October 1, 2023. Cast previews are scheduled to begin at the end of July and run through August prior to the attraction’s opening day. Visitors will be able to enjoy Moana’s Journey of Water attraction in World Nature in Epcot which makes perfect sense as this area of the park is dedicated to highlighting the beauty and balance of the natural world. The arrival of Journey of Water inspired by Moana is part of Disney World’s greater effort to overhaul the area of the park that occupies space between World Showcase and Spaceship Earth. Fans of Moana are particularly excited to see this attraction added to the park map as it’s the very first of its kind designed and inspired by the film. The attraction will be replacing Journey Into Imagination and a portion of Innoventions West. Based on early concept art designs that have been released, it appears guests will be able to use the Journey of Water attraction to easily access the Seas and Land pavilions in Epcot too.

Disney Orlando Attraction Specifics

Journey of Water, inspired by Moana, is slated to be a self-guided outdoor trail rather than a traditional ride experience at Epcot. This means it will be suitable for guests of all heights and ages to enjoy. Plans indicate the attraction will be an interactive trail that’s fun for everyone and fully inspired by the animated film’s aesthetic. Guests will be invited to follow the trail and interact with water as it moves from the sky to the oceans and around again in an inspiring and magical pathway. The trail is designed to provide insight into the importance of water on earth and provide water with a personality all its own much like Moana’s discovery in the movie.

The walkway is going to be an experience in lush tropical surroundings as visitors take time to enjoy learning how water sustains the world. The trail is meant to be as educational as it is engaging, giving guests a reason to walk the path again and again. A highlight of this attraction is definitely going to be the larger-than-life Te Fiti figure that dominates the center of the trail. It’s designed to be an exact replica of the island goddess depicted in the beloved film and is sure to not only delight guests but provide some incredible photo opportunities too. While Disney World is packed with exciting attractions and rides for guests to enjoy during a visit, making time to be a part of the Journey of Water attraction opening is bound to be thrilling. Whether you’re a Moana film fan or just excited to see what Disney Orlando has in store next, keeping October 1, 2023, on your calendar promises to be worth your while.

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